Anti Trafficking Network

National Anti Trafficking Network is composed of 8 member organizations joined in anti-trafficking effort. The majority of these groups have a vast experience in fight against gender-based violence. ASTRA puts great effort in the education of these groups on trafficking-related topics and strengthening cooperation with groups in smaller towns throughout Serbia.

AT Network members:

– Women Rights Center Vršac,

– PAOR – Panonian Activist Organization Zrenjanin

– ASTRA Belgrad

– Center for Girls Užice

Human Rights Committee Vranje,

– SOS for Women and Children Victims of Violence Vlasotince

– Center for Cultural Affirmation Dimitrovgrad

– Center for Girls Niš




AT Network meets periodically, several times a year, when experiences are exchanged and future projects discussed. The meetings of AT Network serve as a kind of capacity building of all member organizations through the evaluation of joint activities, learning new skills in the area of concrete victim assistance, cooperation with institution and media visibility. All representatives of AT Network member organizations have the opportunity to get better acquainted with different organizations, institutions and individuals whose work is in any way relevant for the problem of human trafficking, possibilities for better cooperation and practical possibilities for more efficient problem-solving and expanding impact their local communities.

A number of NGOs – Network members managed, with ASTRA’s assistance, to initiate and develop their own projects in the area of education and prevention of human trafficking.



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