Report human trafficing


Any person can report a case of (potential) trafficking in human beings to ASTRA SOS Hotline. If you have knowledge that someone is a victim of human trafficking or you know or suspect that exploitation is taking place at some location or if you have information that certain persons are involved in human trafficking, you can call ASTRA SOS Hotline. Your personal data will remain protected and you can also make the report anonymously, as well. All information will be forwarded to the agencies in charge of investigating and taking appropriate actions against the perpetrators of human trafficking.

If you are not sure that a person whom you want to help is (potential) victim of trafficking, check the list of general and specific indicators of human trafficking.

By calling ASTRA SOS Hotline you can save lives and help trafficked persons get out of exploitation and start recovery.

If you work in health care institutions, social welfare institutions, prosecutor’s offices, police, schools or other institutions, you have very important role in recognizing trafficking victims. If you suspect that a person you have come in contact with is (potential) victim of trafficking, gaining his/her trust represents the first step in providing assistance.


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