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Victims of human trafficking are forced to pass two sets of court proceedings so as to claim their rights. This can take years and causes additional trauma, while the outcome is uncertain, so most victims decide not to claim damages, …

With the support of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Serbia and in cooperation with the Republican Prosecutor’s Office, ASTRA is implementing the project “Enhancing Capacities of Newly Established Judicial Witness/Victim Support Services”. This project is aimed at training and supporting …

SERBIA: Tier 2 Watch List The Government of Serbia does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so. The government demonstrated significant efforts during the reporting period by …

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Glavne teme na konferenciji koju organizuje koalicija „prEUgovor“  su analiza toka pregovora o članstvu u Evropskoj Uniji i učešća civilnog društva u tom procesu, kao i analiza propusta u borbi protiv korupcije i zaštiti slobode izražavanja Koalicija „prEUgovor“ će 14. …

ASTRA has joined with the GlobalGiving organization

Dear friends, We did it! ASTRA has joined with the GlobalGiving organization to raise funds for victims of human trafficking. In the previous 10 days we had a goal to raise $5000, and as you can see, we accomplished our …

STOP! Stop Trafficking Of People!

The objective of this project is to contribute to the democratization, respect for human rights and Serbia’s EU accession process through building sustainable Serbia-EU dialogue, and more specifically to strengthen civil society in Serbia to directly assist traumatized and sexually abused child victims of human trafficking through application of European best practices and practical approaches on this issue and the ability to influence development of state policies aligned with EU standards.

Mobile application BAN Human Trafficking

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Through an interactive game, choosing to take part in one of six real-life stories, find out more about the process of human trafficking

Balkans ACT (Against Crime of Trafficking) NOW! II


Phase Two of the project through which ASTRA, with co-applicants from five countries, continues activities on monitoring national anti-trafficking policies and the improvement of access to compensation for victims of human trafficking and other violent crimes.

Make it Work

ASTRA – Anti Trafficking Action implements Make it work! – fighting trafficking and exploitation of workers project.   PARTNERS Društvo KLJUČ  from Slovenia and Partnership for Social Development (PSD)  from Croatia     ASTRA – Anti Trafficking Action implements Make …

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